Due Diligence Services | IncrevaDue Diligence ServicesDue Diligence ServicesDue Diligence Services

Increva conducts Independent Peer Reviews and Due Diligence on proposed mining projects and existing operations highlighting areas of risk or potential flaws in the project.

  • Confirmation of the project scope, capital costs and operating costs
  • Providing a bridge between financial and technical aspects of project development to assist project finance
  • Acceptable study processes, with appropriate controls in place
  • Meeting the required industry standards for feasibility studies
  • Technical and commercial viability of the project
  • Implementation strategies that balance time, cost and risks to the Client.
  • Feasibility Study review
  • Capital and Operating Cost interrogation and optimisation
  • Financial modelling
  • Engineering review
  • Process Plant development
  • Infrastructure requirements review
  • Maintenance – review of requirements
  • Schedule Interrogation – scenario and sensitivity analysis for key parameters.

Innovation and collaborative thinking are at the forefront of our services