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Innovation and collaborative thinking are at the forefront of our services

Project Conceptualisation and Scoping

Increva works with and on behalf of the project owner to conceptualise and scope the project to optimise the business case, capital and operating costs.

Increva’s team offers a Client-centred and collaborative approach to strategic planning integrated with extensive project execution capabilities.

Specific service include:

  • Project Implementation options
  • Identification and analysis of strategic options/alternatives
  • Strategic direction of project scoping
  • Stakeholder identification and collaboration
  • Coordination of study consultants
  • Identify/source potential implementation partners
  • Produce conceptual schedule and indicative cost data
  • Communication and stakeholder management

Feasibility Study Management

Our study management philosophy ensures we are assessing, selecting and defining economic and practical options for delivery of a project, balancing timeframe, budget and delivery risk to achieve quality outcomes.

Increva’s approach reduces project risk through:

  • Capital and Operating Cost Interrogation and Optimisation – Challenging the effectiveness of costly infrastructure typically scoped by process plant orientated study teams. In our experience, the impact on project economics can be material by reducing non-income producing capital
  • Maximising debt capacity while maintaining corporate flexibility by understanding, communicating and addressing risk issues important to finance providers
  • Providing a bridge between financial and technical aspects of project development to assist project finance. We connect and communicate the business risks perceived by finance providers and technical teams. We work with financial advisory services, debt providers and intercreditors to understand and reduce project risk, facilitating an improved project financial risk profile
  • Development of Implementation strategies that balance time, cost and risks to the Client
  • Strategies to fast-track projects to production.

Our Feasibility Services include:

  • Study Management
  • Implementation Planning
  • Capital cost development and review
  • Operating cost development and review
  • Schedule development and analysis
  • Risk review facilitation and mitigation strategies
  • Monte Carlo analysis of schedule, budget and risk
  • Financial Modelling

Brownfields Projects

Increva has a track record for successfully delivering brownfields sustaining and enhancing projects.

Our delivery of brownfields projects focuses on proactive and responsive interfacing with stakeholders, efficient planning to schedule critical events such as shut downs and tie in works with a focus on safety and environmental outcomes.

Increva is able to engage with the whole life cycle of a brownfields project from initial project concept, studies and approval processes, through to design, implementation and on-site execution, including commissioning and ramp-up.

Our sustaining capital management capabilities include:

  • Overall project management
  • Risk review and facilitation
  • Capital and operating estimates
  • Engineering management
  • Technical support during tendering and construction
  • Procurement and Quality Inspections
  • Fabrication Management
  • Construction and Commissioning management
  • Operational readiness

Our experience in delivering successful brownfields projects is evident by our Client’s feedback. A highly successful collaboration with Evolution Mining had Project Director Michael Hughes saying that Evolution was impressed with “Increva’s ability to get on with things and with their ability to consider all stakeholders in every situation as it arises”

Flot Tail Leach (FTL) Project, Cowal Gold Operations, West Wyalong, NSW

Project Execution and Delivery

Increva’s project delivery approach encompasses all elements of:

  • Management of engineering design
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Construction management
  • Commissioning
  • Operational readiness


Increva’s team has many years of experience with the successful delivery of multi-disciplinary engineering design and our focus on people and collaboration ensures the success of the projects we manage.

Benefits of our approach to engineering management:

  • Interface and provide a direct line of communication between the design team, construction team and owner to reduce time delaying hurdles and fast track project completion
  • Breaking down siloed/fragmented thinking and making the effort to become cross-functional across all disciplines, resulting in gains to productivity and efficiency
  • Our ability to challenge acceptable standards to ensure “fit-for-purpose” design and value for money engineering
  • Investigate design options early
  • Focus on incorporating ‘buildability’ into the design process to improve construction efficiency, reduce variations as a result of rework and fast track construction period.


Defining and implementing an appropriate procurement strategy is critical to project success.

Increva ensures carefully planned contracts contain relevant and achievable specifications and timeframes and that liability and objectives are appropriately allocated and clearly communicated.

Increva has the capacity to provide a complete Procurement and Contract Management service, or any specific aspect including:

  • Development of a procurement and contracting plan
  • Identification and assessment of construction contractors and vendors
  • Development of scopes of work
  • Contract preparation and assembly
  • Management of the tender process
  • Technical and commercial evaluation of tenders
  • Identification and strategy for procurement of long-lead items
  • Development of internal approval request documentation
  • Contractor and Subcontractor daily management
  • Fabrication Management
  • Change management process, including processing and analysis
  • Dispute negotiation and mediation


Increva is able to provide a full spectrum of on-site project delivery services. Our construction management approach is collaborative, proactive and responsive. We build relationships and work with project stakeholders to achieve project objectives.

Benefits of our approach to construction management:

  • Focus on HSE objectives during the development phase of the project and for operational stakeholders going forward
  • Planning and scheduling of work based on demand from downstream processes or end users through stakeholder communication and collaboration
  • Communication between stakeholders through a structured and efficient network of reports, meetings, interactions, and reviews. Objective is to identify and address issues early with a target of no surprises.


Increva has extensive commissioning experience in planning and managing the commissioning process in a safe and compliant manner.

Commissioning services include:

  • Commissioning Plan – work with stakeholders to plan the transition to operations
  • Budget Estimate and Resourcing – planning for a provision of the necessary resources
  • Commissioning Management – work the plan for commissioning, manage resources and stakeholders, monitor schedule and budget, and conduct reporting
  • Operational Readiness

Operational Readiness

Our approach to operational readiness is on people, processes, tactics and systems associated with ensuring the asset can deliver to the business on time.

  • Development of an operational readiness plan, including stakeholder engagement to assign scope and resources
  • Implementation of the plan, including engagement of internal and external resources and specialists
  • Management of the plan, including addressing gaps in progress, resourcing or budget. Reporting of progress on a regular basis to facilitate smooth transition to operations.

Our operational readiness capabilities include:

  • Operation expenditure and resourcing studies
  • Design reviews and operational changes
  • Operations manuals and operating procedures
  • Spares analysis and equipment suitability
  • Operational readiness review
  • Centralised maintenance management system (CMMS)
  • Performance standard assurance
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM)
  • Mothballing and decommissioning
  • Asset integrity and optimisation